Vitodens 200-W: Viessmann - Germany


Combination and System boilers


Automatic combustion control

A feature of this model is the specifically developed automatic combustion controller Lambda Pro Control, it ensures a standard efficiency of up to 98% (Hs) / 109% (Hi) and consistently high energy efficiency.

Dynamic burner cycling

Adjusts the burner firing duration according to the seasonal heating requirements to ensure the burner burns for longer and less frequently, to increase efficiency and reduce operational wear and tear, e.g. during Spring and Autumn when heating requirement is reduced.

High DHW convenience

The combi versions of the Vitodens 200-W offer a DHW standby function. This ensures that DHW is always available at the required water temperature.

Take advantage of these benefits:


  • Modulation range of 1:4
  • Exceeds SEDBUK minimum efficiency requirements
  • Self cleaning smooth stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger with 10 year warranty
  • High corrosion resistance through high grade stainless steel 1.4571
  • Unique MatriX cylinder burner with long service life through stainless steel MatriX mesh
  • Optimum matching of heat exchanger and burner
  • High DHW convenience
  • Lambda Pro combustion controller automatically adjusts combustion for fluctuations in gas quality, which extends the life of the boiler and service intervals
  • No nozzle change required when changing for LPG
  • Consistently high efficiency even with fluctuating gas compositions
  • Constantly clean combustion
  • Low combustion noise through low fan speed


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